Meet Alycia

We asked Alycia who she would pick to be on a sure-to-win trivia team: She said: "Definitely not Tom Shea (still bitter about not making the cut on the Zombie Apocalypse Team!)  Carol Zimmerman because there were a lot of plant questions last week, The Myth, The Man, The Legend: Josh Powell, Pam Finley because she's smart and I miss her, Jessica Salvo for the laughs, and of course, Alex Trebek from Jeopardy!

Alycia is Front of House Manager, she's been with Barley's for "11 wonderful years!" On the job you'll find her crafting new and delicious cocktails and greeting customers, new and old, with a smiling face.

At home, Alycia is trying her hand at gardening. Alycia may think she rules the roost, but really it's her English Bulldog, Bea. She is the Queen B after all!