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Meet John 

Fun fact: John can walk on his hands for a really long time. Any guesses how long? 

John is the funny guy around here. He’s always laughing, telling jokes, and keeping the rest of his coworkers on their toes.  John has been serving at Barley’s for about 5 months, though you might remember him from Dixie Quicks, he worked at their Omaha and Council Bluffs location for years!

John lives in Omaha but spends a lot of his time in Council Bluffs, in fact, he’s the full time trainer at Renegade Bootcamp and Boxing! He brings just as much intensity and personality to serving. Okay, maybe not quite as much. 

When we asked John what his hobbies are outside of work he said “Exercise and spending time with my kids and wife. Not in that order.” Nice save there, John! 

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