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Meet Jay -

Jay is an original Barley’s member. He even cooked for Matt and Jill's, the owners, wedding!

As kitchen manager, Jay loves that Barley’s has such an extensive menu and he has a blast making and, especially, eating the monthly specials.

After having heart surgery, Jay saw that he had a second chance at life and man is he going to enjoy it! He loves the people at Barley’s and in CB in general. He may live in Omaha, but if you ask him Council Bluffs totally does a better job at snow removal.

Jay loves gardening so he takes pride in the fresh vegetables Barley’s serves with every meal.

Jay’s definitely a night owl, he’s probably logged more hours tending bar than as a chef! But if you want to find Jay out and about on his day off, you’ll probably find him at the golf course.

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