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Meet Blise

Nightowl, Mom of four, and the best or worst backseat driver around...depends on who you are asking.

Blise started serving at Barley’s back in July. She loves the familiar faces of regulars and meeting new ones. ”I love running into people I know and connecting the dots, because everyone knows everyone.”

She really enjoys chatting with those traveling through Council Bluffs, finding out where they are from and where they are going! She's met people from 7 states that she can remember - Utah, Montana, Oklahoma, Florida, Ohio, New York, and Nevada. The New Yorker was pleasantly surprised with the pizza, shoutout to the kitchen!

What would her superhuman power be if she could pick any? Shapeshift, the superpowers of Mystique! Beyond her superhuman powers, Mystique has the ability to absorb the psyche, memories, personality, strengths, skills or powers from whomever she touches! Sounds intense!

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