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Meet Dawn

Spirit Animal would be a dolphin, fitting because Dawn loves the water and joined the Navy after high school.

Dawn has been at Barley’s since day one, we often joke she came with the building. Matt purchased Dirty Harry’s from Dawn’s family. 18 years and counting at Barley's (minus one when she ventured out to try something different) she worked at Dirty Harry’s 6.5 years before that. That’s 23.5 years, she can do it all.

She enjoyed her one year venture but really missed the flexible schedule and being able to see her boys off to school and pick them up everyday.

She loves working out at Renegade Bootcamp and Boxing and the holidays. She loves to decorate for any holiday but Christmas is her favorite! It’s never too soon for Christmas music. She would probably listen to it year round if she could!

Thai chicken pizza with a side of ranch is her go to dish.

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