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Carlee Koester-2.jpg

Meet Karlee!

Outside of work you can find Karlee doing…

Playing video Games
Spending time outdoors
Hanging with friends & family
Or doing homework

She’s a busy bee -graduated from Iowa Western Community College last year, and this is her first year attending UNO studying psychology.

Karlee enjoys working on the 100 Block and being a part of the continual growth and fun environment. The regulars at Barley’s make her shifts fun, it’s like she is serving her friends!

We asked Karlee - If you were stranded on an island, what 3 coworkers would you pick to take with you. She’d pick Ben F, Laura, and Kari. "It would be the most unhinged group, and we'd either die in a week or last forever.” Let’s hope they don’t get stranded anytime soon!

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