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Meet Cade

Fun fact Cade tried sushi for the first time just one month ago if you can believe that….and loved it! Well maybe not as much as Barleys chicken strips, which is his favorite menu item. Still a kid at heart, but being a grown up now you have to give sushi a try?!

You can find Cade behind the bar mixing your next cocktail or he may pop over to your table… either way it’s meeting people that he enjoys the most about working here.

When Cade is not experimenting with new foods….or mixing you a drink….he is out on the golf course, fishing, and hitting the gym.

Did you know? Cade is an aspiring Fire Fighter , studying fire science at IWCC! Go Reivers!

If Cade were to get deserted on an island he be sure to have his fishing pole, a knife and pan, sounds like a sushi chef in the making!

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