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Meet Renee

This early bird is the first one at Barley’s everyday. If she were to sing karaoke? Photograph, by Def Leopard.

Renee is no stranger to Barley’s, she’s been working here for 7 years, she moved here from Norfolk, Nebraska about 7.5 years ago. A lot has changed on the Council Bluffs 100 Block and Barley’s since then, new business, evolving menus, but one constant is the people and atmosphere. “I enjoy the people, the atmosphere and the customers, work is fun, almost every day.”

What’s her favorite thing to cook? Teriyaki Chicken Salad. Why? “Because I can get fancy with the sauce.”

What’s her favorite drink?- “I was a Busch Light drinker, now it’s Margaritas, Long Islands...really anything Alycia is concocting up is my favorite drink.”

What’s your go to karaoke song?

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