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Meet Jessie

Who can guess what Jessie’s first position at Barley’s was?

Jessie has been working on and off at Barley’s since high school, so “just a few years.” She enjoys her coworkers and the customers….and that she gets to work with her bestie Alycia, who happens to be her partner in the to-go craft cocktails. Did we mention she also loves working with her brother Matt?! Before she was old enough to be a server she cleaned the party room and Matt’s truck. Now she’s a manager, talk about a comeback kid!

She enjoys being outside with her family when it’s nice out, they enjoy the parks and biking through the trails.

She enjoys working out, but she has a suspicion that what she actually loved was socializing at the gym because she is not loving working out at home.

You’re the best, Jessie!

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